We believe in providing complete and integrated solutions for specific powder handling applications. Many years of co-operation with large volume users of Bulk Bags have resulted in the development of a comprehensive and ever expanding range of dischargers and transfer equipment to suit your product and bag type. The advantages of handling solids and ingredients in Bulk Bags are obvious:

• Reduced labour
• Better dust control
• Increased safety
• Cleaner working environment
• Increased productivity
• No packaging waste

Further information on safe handling can be obtained from FIBCA .

1. The loops of the bulk bag are hooked over the lifting frame and, if applicable, the liner clamped.

2. The bulk bag is lifted by fork lift truck or hoist on to the discharger bag support arms. These spring loaded support arms gradually raise and tension the bag as its weight decreases during discharge. This insures total emptying of the bag and prevents the bag spout or liner sagging or fouling the take-off conveyor below.

3. Access to the bag spout is provided via an interlocked door. Spout closure bars allow untying of the spout tie string without releasing the product until the operator re-closes the access door.

4. Pneumatically operated massagers push against the sides and base of the bag to provide consistent flow into the discharge chute and integral conveyor. .

On certain enhanced models, the support arms are pneumatically operated and operate in tandem with corner massagers to elongate the bag and insure minimal residue of discharged


We pride ourselves in our high quality FIBC Range:

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Including: Omega Style | Single & 2 Point Lift Bag….

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All Sizes of woven polypropylene sacks & bags.

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